Are you an athlete that do not want to wear a mouth guard for contact sports? Do you like to chomp on ice? Do you often bite your nails uncontrollably? These bad habits can have a severe impact on your oral health and well-being of your teeth.  

If you don’t want to damage your teeth and wear temporary veneers USA, here are a couple of habits that you should avoid: 


Smoking can cause a lot of issues with your body. This includes your teeth. Smoking can lead to tooth decay, puts you at serious risk for gum illnesses, and cause bad breath, aside from staining your teeth.  

Aside from that, smoking puts you at serious risk for oral cancer. This is particularly true for smokeless tobacco.  

The Significance of Wearing a Mouth Guard 

A lot of individuals do not want to wear mouth guards. However, there’s a good reason why most professional athletes wear them. To make things simple, they protect your teeth. If you wear a mouth guard, you’re protecting your teeth in case you’re hit in the face or mouth during a sports competition. To avoid tooth loss or tooth damage, it is vital to choose a mouth guard that properly fits and enables you to speak and breathe. You can also try a tailored sports mouth guard if you are worried about comfort.  

Nail Biting 

Aside from being dirty, biting your nails is also unhealthy. One of the hardest materials on our body is our nails. They can basically damage our teeth. Chewing your nails over time can wear away the enamel of your teeth. This can cause fractures. Aside from that, the germs and dirt under the nails can cause infection or irritate the gums. Nail biters might often notice their teeth move out of place. This leads them to wear braces to fix the issue.  

Of course, you can overcome nail biting, just like almost every bad habit. To avoid temptation, you should keep your nails filed and trimmed neatly. You should know whenever you’ve got the urge to bite your nails. You should also determine the stressor that causes this habit and tackle the problem. You can also ask your family and friends to warn you every time they notice it. 

Chewing Ice 

Ice is hard. Whenever we chomp on it, it offers a satisfying crunch. However, this habit can damage your gums, enamel, and teeth. Just like grinding your teeth, chewing ice can lead to wear and tear on your teeth. Eventually, this can damage your teeth. Instead of ice, you should try chomping on healthy food such as apple slices, cucumber slices, or carrot sticks.  

Teeth Grinding 

Teeth grinding, also known as Bruxism, can be caused by sleep disorders, abnormal bites, anxiety, or stress. This habit can lead to fractures of your teeth and wear and tear.  

You should call a professional dental service provider if you think that you are grinding your teeth constantly. Sleep appliances and night guards can help you prevent this habit while sleeping.